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Sunday Reflections

Grichmas started yesterday – and it was a lot of fun. How many times do you get to see the Grinch at church? Here are a few thoughts from yesterday:

1) Our worship team is off the hook. They are growing every week and I’m so grateful that they’re here. Seriously – you don’t want to miss what they have planned for our Christmas service on December 21.

2) Our Kid’s Connection and Nursery are growing. We need more help in these areas – so if you’re willing to serve once every eight weeks – and you aren’t serving currently – please let us know. By the way the kids will be singing in the morning worship service on December 21.

3) I’m super pumped about our new small groups that are starting in January. If you haven’t expressed an interest – let me know.

4) Thank you so much for you continued faithfulness in our 90 day challenge. God is doing some great things through this – and this will enhance our ministry even more.

5) I’m excited to see how many friends and family you bring on December 21 – we’re challenging everyone to bring three friends.

6) I still hate the Florida Gators.

7) God showed up in some neat ways yesterday – and the key phrase that we all need to cling to out of the message yesterday is this: the way we perceive is the way we receive. That has been kicking my butt all weekend – I really needed to hear it.

8) Through your purchasing of “Trade As One” Christmas gifts – our church provided over 116 hours of work for people overseas.

9) Bring all the toys and gifts for kids that you can during the next two weeks – we’re donating them to the YMCA and they will be distributing them to local children.

10) Thanks so much for dealing with all the construction that is occurring at the YMCA. Our new worship space is almost done and our new office is near completion.

I love River Hills Church – have a great week.

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