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Start Strong In 2017

The start of every year is opportunity to start strong, set goals, and plan. I’ve heard it said that if you aim at nothing – you’ll hit it every time. With that being said I want to encourage you to start strong in 2017 in four areas: Spiritually, Financially, Physically and with your family. Here are few tips/resources that you can use to start 2017 off right.

Spiritually – make a decision to grow spiritually. Making a commitment to attend church, join a life group and spend time reading the Bible are paramount for spiritual growth. I want to encourage you to download and subscribe to the Bible app at Spend some time checking out the different reading plans and determine to subscribe to one. Also sign up for life group at

Physically – make a commitment to be more active and eat right this year. You don’t have to join a gym, but you can find an extra 20 minutes each day to walk, jog or do some kind of aerobic activity (I do laps in the worship center almost every day as I return phone calls). Track your fitness with the myfitness app or livestrong app. Also, cut back on your caloric intake. A renowned cardiologist recently told me that heart health has less to do with what you eat and more to do with how much you eat. Get active and get fit.

Financially – determine to get on a plan and make sense of your finances. A wonderful website and app is We will also be offering financial workshop in February to assist you in getting debt, investments and budgeting squared away. I would also encourage you to begin to give on a regular basis at

Family – finally, spend some time thinking through and planning on strengthening and developing your family. Plan your vacations, times to pray together and ways you can instill Biblical values into the home. Let your kids see that church attendance is important to you and encourage them to attend merege student ministry and kids cove. Also – if you’re married – now is a good time to strengthen and grow your marriage. We will be offering a conference on February 10-11 called the Art of Marriage. To sign up – click here –

Start strong in 2017 and see yourself grow spiritually, physically, financially and as a family.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday as we begin a new teaching series calling “Home” – on creating Biblical patterns in our lives for growth.

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