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“Why should I give this Sunday? Don’t You Know It’s Christmas???!!!”

No one ever likes to hear a pastor talk about money – especially during Christmas. Think about it: we’re already stressed out with holiday scheduling, broke from holiday spending, and just want a little “peace on earth.” So why would I write a post on giving at such an inconvenient time? Simple: Charity and Christ Go Hand In Hand.

With so many ways to bless others through our charity, many times giving to a local church is overlooked. Just like anything in life, we want instant gratification. We want to see our resources bless others in tangible ways – quickly. It just doesn’t seem fun to give toward operational costs of an organization. So why should we give to the church? Here are a few reasons:

  1. The only non-profit God every created was the local church. The church is God’s conduit to bless the world. When we are charitable through the church, and if that church is about His Kingdom, scores of people are blessed and have the opportunity to hear and experience the Gospel.
  2. All Christians have an unquenchable desire to grow spiritual. One of the many ways we grow is through financial sacrifice. So many times our faith is stunted because we just are unwilling to let go of the almighty dollar or we want to control how it is spent. The Bible says that God “loves a cheerful giver.” The word cheerful literally means “hilarious” – which interprets to say: That when we give without strings attached or not knowing if we will ever see that money again – it is hilarious because we are truly dependent on God.
  3. Christ gave first. Christmas is all about celebrating the inaugural moment of the incarnation. It is the beginning of God’s greatest gift to us, which culminated at the cross and Resurrection. God doesn’t call us to give and in turn gives nothing of Himself. He gave everything.
  4. This is not really a spiritual reason but a practical one (and Biblical). In the United States, when we give to a certified non-profit, we don’t pay taxes on that money. Jesus said “give unto Caesar what is Caesars.” I don’t give the IRS anymore than I have to, so make sure when you give it is to a non-profit with a valid 501c3. It is good stewardship of God’s resources in our personal lives to give in such a way that we don’t pay taxes on it.

I want to encourage you to love charity this Christmas. To love what God does through the local church – even in the midst of her imperfections. And to love what Christmas is all about – an introduction to the pathway toward peace on earth – JESUS! Merry Christmas

If you’d like to give online to River Hills Church pleaseĀ Click Here.

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