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Bless This Home Part 1: Resources

Last weekend Sarah Beth and I attempted to provide some ways/resources for families to overcome the things that sabotage the “purity” in a home. Just a point of reminder, we based our first sermon in this series on Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” To be blessed means that we are made happy by God due to our behavior or circumstances. When we are seeking purity we are blessed because we see God. To see God means that we experience more of His comfort, presence, and glory. Unfortunately, life has a way of happening and we see the diminished pursuit of purity which leads to feelings of unhappiness and no peace.

So here are a few things that sabatoge the purity in our homes:

1) Not providing a safe environment.

A safe environment in a home is established when others feel at peace with being themselves, no secrets are kept and people aren’t attacked with irrational reactions.

Resources: &

2) Internet, Social Media, and Technology

Every family and individual deals with this on a daily basis. Learning to protect yourself and those you love is a BIG step in seeking purity.

Resources: &

3) Unresolved Conflict

When we choose not to resolve conflict – we choose not to have a safe environment.


4) Time Thieves

These are those things take our time and attention away from what is most important. Learning to prioritize the most important things first is paramount for a blessed home.


5) Pursuit of Stuff vs. Pursuit of Happiness

Keeping up with the Jones’ seems to be a never ending battle for every family. Learning to pursue to heart of God is an important part of the happiness we all seek at home.


Looking forward to part 2 of “Bless This Home” on Sunday – see you there!

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