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Q&A Sunday January 13, 2015

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to share the stage with my wife (Sarah Beth) and answer questions our congregation posed to us via email. Below is the link for the audio of that message as well as answers to questions we didn’t get to answer.

Audio From Sunday\’s Q&A

Answers To Questions We Didn’t Have Time To Answer:

1) How do I share Christ with a friend or family member who does not believe in God?

First and foremost you must understand that you can’t convert them – only God can do that. Placing our dependency on God as well as His ability to convict and move in someone’s heart is the most important truth that you can cling to.

Secondly, its important that you demonstrate grace and love. Like Christ who provides grace to the worst sinner, we must demonstrate grace to those who don’t know Jesus. Also, them knowing that you love them and don’t condemn them speaks volumes. It is also important to demonstrate your humanity by not being self-righteous, but dependent on Jesus’ grace and forgiveness.

Finally – pray. I know this sounds simple, but is the best thing you can do.Pray for them, recruit others to pray for them, and look for opportunities to speak grace into their lives.

2) How do I share Christ with my children?

Much like you would share Jesus with an unbeliever, you should make sure that you are giving and demonstrating grace as well as praying consistently for your child. It is also important to know that while your child may not be a Christian yet, providing opportunities for them to know Jesus in a church context is vital. They need to see you growing spiritually as well as being consistent in your faith. Finally, make sure that you give them time to process the gospel – meaning don’t force them to make a decision.

3) Why should I be baptized?

Baptism is a symbol of what Christ has done in our lives. We are dead and dirty in our sins, but when Christ saves us we are alive and clean. Baptism symbolizes are spiritual cleansing, but also our new life. Just as Jesus was buried in the tomb, he rose from the dead a live. One should be baptized because: 1) Christ commanded it. 2) It professes our faith to the church. 3) It shares our faith to others. 4) It is a mile maker for us spiritually and give us a reference point for our salvation.

Baptism is a wonderful event that demonstrates how Christ has saved. Being obedient to him through baptism symbolizes our salvation, obedience, conversion, immersion into the body of Christ and submission to Him.

4) What is the rapture?

The New Testament is clear that Christ will return to earth one day to rescue those who know him and establish his kingdom. Prior to his return the Bible says he will “rapture” the church or call them up to himself. The interpretation of Scripture as to when this will happen is debatable, but what is for certain is that Christ will return and call his church to him.

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