Enjoy The Journey

Sweet Endings and Sweeter Beginnings

Last Sunday was a wonderful collision of reflective thankfulness and an expectant future. By wrapping up our last worship experience at the Winder YMCA, River Hills Church tore down much like we began six years ago – except this time we didn’t throw a few curtains and sound equipment in the back of a pick-up truck – we rolled it into a large moving truck and two trailers and drove to our new location. God has been faithful through His provision and expression of His glory and the sweetness of our worship experience at the YMCA was only outmatched by an expectant anticipation of the new chapter we begin as a church this Sunday.

Much like the black Friday shopper forgets to celebrate Thanksgiving – I don’t want our church to forget about all that God has done while at the Winder YMCA. Not only did He provide a place to worship (for free) for the last six years – we’ve added over 350 new people to our fellowship and witnessed the life change of over 150 people as they have accepted Christ. God has truly moved.

As we lifted up our glow sticks as an Ebeneezer to the God who has brought us this far – we raised another glow stick to remember those who have yet to experience Christ. The sweetness of God’s provision and this new beginning are for His glory. I am so humbled to be a part of this church and the privilege to watch all that God is doing.

This week we open the doors to our new worship center – but this is only the beginning. My prayer is that the Lord would surprise us with how much He is going to work – and give us a fervor to bring truth and people together. I can’t wait to worship the risen Christ on Sunday in our new venue, but I am reminded that no matter where we worship – God still works.

Join me this Sunday as we turn the page to a new chapter in the life of River Hills Church.

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