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Sunday Reflections

This Sunday was awesome!!! People are back in town, and I’m really getting a lot out of our “Authentic” series. What really pumped me up yesterday was after church during our first ever “Vision Meeting.” If you weren’t able to be there – here’s what happened:

1) We talked about where we’ve come from as a church. Do you realize that since we started planting River Hills Church on April 1, 2007 (we didn’t have our first worship service until September 9) we’ve grown almost 1400%? That is amazing – and although we don’t see some of the faces that were here 9 months ago – the church is doing great, we’re very normal for a new church and we’ve got a lot of momentum.

2) We talked about what our future leadership structure will look like, our financial situation and the strategy behind our church. What was most important was the foundation of our church (Acts 2:42-47) and the core values that we draw out of the text: Truth, Other People, Authenticity, and Community – all of which are things that we value and do as a church.

3) We talked about what the future will look like for our church: Social ministries, outreach, small groups, church plants – and even where we want to build one day – it gave me goose bumps.

4) We discussed the three goals for 2008-2009: 1) Becoming a church of prayer, 2) Connecting with our community, and                 3) Building a culture of small groups within our church.

5) There were tears. This wasn’t planned – but it is what made this meeting so awesome. To hear about how much God is using River Hills to touch lives is both humbling and exciting. People shared how much the community of River Hill had ministered to them – and the authenticity that was felt, was amazing. I left completely encouraged and excited.

 I am so thankful to be your pastor and super pumped about the future. Don’t forget -August 17 – be there and bring friends – its gonna rock.

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