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When Life Gives You Lemons….Sometimes You Need To Drink OJ

I love to enter a challenging situation and come out of it victoriously. There is something about persevering through difficult situations and seeing the task through. So as I write this I want you to understand that I’m a big believer is taking the lemons of life and making it into lemonade; but sometimes we need to switch to OJ. What do I mean by this – well I mean that sometimes we waste so much time, energy and opportunity on proving that we can “make it” that we miss the opportunities laid before us. The focus is not quiting, but changing direction or tactics.

So how do we know when its time to drink OJ? Here are some thoughts:

1) Ask yourself if the current challenge is geared for your giftedness and personality. For instance, I may want to take on the challenge of being a world class gymnast, but the reality is that I can’t even touch my toes without pain. So we have to filter our decisions through the context in which God has made us.

2) Ask yourself is the current challenge is what God has for you. What I mean is that sometimes chasing dreams is not always following God’s will. The challenges may not be lemons they may be directional signs.

3) Ask yourself is the current challenge taking an unnecessary toll on your family. Now before we go any farther I want you to know that there have been times in my life when God has led us in a certain direction that has been hard on our family, but there was always a sense of peace. Sometimes the toll that the family has to deal with is not worth accomplishment that might be achieved in the future.

4) Ask yourself is the achieved end the legacy you want to leave. If you do persevere through the challenges – if you do make lemonade – is that the legacy that you want to be known for. I have found the greatest peace in pursuing the “lesser” things because they were the pursuits that God would have me chase.

 I’m not saying quit – but what I am saying is that as you fight – make sure it is the good fight and not the egotistical fight.

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