Enjoy The Journey

Back In The Saddle

For a few days this week – we took the kids to the beach (I love Jekyll Island). It was really cool because there was no cell phone service and I left my laptop at home. We had a great time, but not a lot of time for spiritual refreshment – which leads me to this question: How can I increase my discipline to be more effective in increasing God’s kingdom in my life, my family and my ministry? I have two kids under four, a house to maintain (to help my wife maintain), a gym membership, church stuff, school stuff and time that I need (and want) to spend with my family. There are a few other priorities in my life, but there seems to be too little time for rest and spiritual discipline – and don’t get me started on working out – I believe that paying a gym membership should guarantee automatic weight loss and athletic stamina. So how do you do it all in a 24 hour period – and still get enough sleep to function well the next day? I don’t know – but I’m going to work real hard to find out. This vacation was great – and needed – but now its time to figure all this stuff out. Any thoughts?

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