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Lessons From A Warrior

Currently I’m reading We Were Soldiers Once…And Young by General Hal Moore. You may remember the movie with Mel Gibson called We Were Soldiers that was based on the book a few years ago. I’ve always loved history and reading about great figures in history. This book has been overwhelming in so many ways – and it really impacts me as a leader for a variety of reasons:

1) General Moore knew his men – all throughout the book he speaks of his men by name and where they were from. You get the sense that he really loved his soldiers.

2) During the battle of LZ-XRAY there were a few hundred US troops fighting against thousands of highly trained and more experienced North Vietnamese Troops – but during the worst time in battle there is a sense that Moore kept his cool and his men continued to fight. In fact the leadership of Moore is clearly seen in the leadership of his subordinate officers. He intentionally had his men “pass on” and “train” those below them the baton of leadership.

3) As a pastor/church planter I find that my ministry is an extreme roller coaster – with big highs and deep lows. I’m learning from Scripture and further illustrated by this book – that you have to be willing to fight the hard fight in order to see the greatest victory. Moore continued to fight in the midst of surmounting odds.

4) Moore was willing to lead by doing. He was in the battle – not hunkered down somewhere five miles away – he was involved. Leadership must not only be positional, but it also (and more importantly) must be influential in the actions of the leader.

5) I realize that I don’t have an ounce of manhood compared to the guys of 7th Calvary during Vietnam – these guys were the real deal. I pray that in my ministry I can fight the fight with the same tenacity that they fought with.

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