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What Is Church Membership?

What does it mean to join a church? Why is it important to “join” a church? So many times when people think about church membership – or the idea of “joining” a church – they think in terms of joining a country club or some kind of organization. Unfortunately this is the mentality of many people and it hinders what could be a healthy relationship between a church and an individual. So let’s answer the question of “What is church membership?”.

First of all church membership is not the acceptance into an elite club or organization. Church membership is the commitment to a local church with the intention of being involved on a level of leadership, servant-hood, contribution and prayer. Churches should have their doors open to everyone, and for a person who wants to be committed to the church – then they should “join” for the purpose of expanding and strengthening that church – as well as growing spiritually within the church and being ministered to by the body of that local church. There are basically five reasons to “join” a church:

1) To Serve Through A Local Church

2) To Use Gifts (personal talents, finances, time) to expand the mission of the Church.

3) To Provide and Receive Spiritual Accountability.

4) To Participate In Decision Making Processes Of The Local Church

5) To Partner With Other Christians 

Many people have asked “How can I join River Hills Church?” We have three steps for church membership at our church: 1) Know Christ Personally – Be A Christian, 2) Express The Confession Of Knowing Christ Through Baptism, 3) Participate In Our New Member Class. We will be having a New Member Class in the fall for those who wish to join or for those who want to find out more information about our church.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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