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It’s Nice To Win Sometimes

ts1.jpgEveryone needs to hit a home run in life. Well maybe not a “real” home-run, because some of us – like me – are dysfunction-ally created when it comes to baseball/softball. The point I’m making is that it is nice to win sometimes. Victory for you maybe defeating the weeds in your front yard, getting the stain out of your best shirt, or convincing your teenage daughter that text messaging isn’t necessary for life. Whatever the victory – its nice to go up against the “shark” and win. Problem is that our victories are so few and far between we forget what a “win” is and what it feels like to win.

As I look at Scripture – specifically I John 5:13-15 – I think we misunderstand the “home run.” So what does it mean to overcome something and gain victory? Here are a few thoughts:

 1) Winning Is A Matter Of Perspective – And Our Perspective Isn’t Always Right – I John 5:13-15 talks about believing in Christ and having confidence in asking him to provide our victory (or requests) if it is according to his will. So many times we forget who is truly in charge here. No it is not your wife, husband, parents, roommate, kids, boss, or even you – it is Christ. When we can vulnerably seek what He wants and He overcomes – then we understand what the right win is.

2) Prayer Is The Vehicle That Drives Us To Victory – We tend to “act” first then we “pray.” Maybe the first step in accomplishing goals and victory is to understand God’s will before we ask. Understanding God’s will is understanding Scripture – and as we strive to overcome – we pray for the outcome, strength, and humility – all the while having confidence.

3) Accomplishment Is Not In The Eye Of the Beholder, But In The Hands Of the “Holder” – Christ accomplishes life and grants grace and mercy. When He accomplished salvation for our redemption we can rightly rest on His sovereign presence – accomplishing what He wills, not what always what we want.

So whatever your shark may be – relax, God has undercontrol.

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