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The Bird In My Office

This last week has been a tough one. Every church has its challenges, but the challenges with a church plant are magnified. I think a lot of the “challenges” that every church plant deals with is simply spiritual warfare. We have to learn to overcome these times of discouragement, or else we will become another statistic.

So I’m sitting in my office thinking through all the things that I have to deal with today and reflecting on some of the challenges that I’ve been facing during the last few days – when suddenly a bird flies into my office. My office is the bonus room in our home and some how this sparrow squeezes through a crack between the window air-conditioner unit and the window seal. I will be honest: it scared the poop out of me. I don’t think anyone wakes up in the morning and thinks that a bird will fly into their office in the middle of deep introspective thought. The bird wanted to get out as much as I wanted him to leave and he kept flying into the closed window. I finally opened another window, knocked out the screen and guided the bird out with a broom – I consider myself a hero.

This is what I’ve learned from that stupid bird: right now I feel like I’m banging my head into some kind of glass trying to achieve what God has called me to do. The glass could be finances, people, or personal inhibitions, but we all have our piece of glass. I’m waiting for God to open up a window, but like the bird I have to keep banging away.

I think resilience is learned in the trenches of life. While one person may be born with more “guts” than another, resilence comes with the banging of a head against some piece of glass. Church planting is about hammering away through tough stuff – even to face more challenges in the future. Today – I needed that rat with wings in my office – because I’m reminded that we’re all just sparrows that He watches over. Pray that God would open windows at River Hills Church – and that we would have the courage, tenacity and resilience to continue to bang our heads against that which stands in our way.   

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