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Sunday Reflections

Happy belated Father’s Day to all of our Dads – I hope it was good day for you. Yesterday was another great Sunday at River Hills Church. If you missed yesterday – here are a few thoughts:

1) Almost done with our “Just Joy” sermon series. Big Idea from yesterday: God calls us to “go deeper” and that requires “striving” on our part.

2) We are to strive for maturity – which means that we are to seek to “grow-up” spiritually speaking.

3) We are to strive for discernment – which means we are to make “right choices.”

4) I love our worship team – they get better every week. Looking forward to the months to come.

5) Next week is our last week of “Just Joy” – you don’t want to miss this because we’re tying up all the lose ends from the book of Philippians.

6) Pray for me this week – I have the opportunity to speak to students in Southwest Louisiana. I hate being away from my family, but I love the opportunity to share the timeless truth with others. Pray that God would bless my words and ignite a passion in the lives of these students.

7) Our student minister, Chance, leaves for a four week mission trip to Crossroads Camp in North Carolina – he also made the next level for American Idol – so pray for him. Also pray for our intern, Will Clark, he is in Costa Rico right now on a mission trip. I’m so thank for these two young men and their passion to bring truth and people together.

I love our church and the momentum that we are carrying through the summer is incredible. Can’t wait to see everyone Sunday morning – and looking forward to sharing with you the last episode of “Just Joy.” Have a great week.

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