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Sunday Reflections

Wow – what a Sunday. The YMCA almost didn’t have enough chairs and the nursery had to pull people out of the service for help – what a great problem to have. We’ve got so many good things happening right now and it amazes me that we were only 4 people 19 months ago. Here are a few reflections from yesterday:

1) We had over 100 people in the service – it was the third largest crowd we’ve ever had and the other two crowds were Easter and Christmas. Who would have thought that many people would turn out on a rainy, cold holiday weekend?

2) Two people came forward to be baptized. Very cool!!! We will be baptizing some on February 1 – if you’re interested in more information – let me know.

3) Our small groups are kicking off. It’s still not too late to join Starting Point – even if you missed the preview meetings. We’ll be kicking off officially on February 1.

4) Financial Peace is off and running – and it is still not too late to join. Let us know by Tuesday if you want in. By the way – I only knew one couple in the preview meeting last night – wow.

5) Our student group is growing – kids are coming out of the wood work and some are close to responding to the gospel. If you’re a parent of 6th-12th grader – make sure that your kids signs up for the D-now weekend in February.

6) This Sunday night – this is more of a announcement than reflection – we’re having our first ever communion and prayer service. It starts at 6 p.m. and childcare is provided.

7) Finally – some men have signed up for our “early-bird” small group – but we’re looking for a few more good men. This is a highly intensive small group that will meet at 6 or 6:30 a.m. once a week. Men – let me know if you’re interested.

Great things are happening in our church – and I’m humbled to be a small part of it. You guys are great and I hope that your Monday is awesome. Don’t forget – we will be finishing up “Dear Mr. President” this Sunday and we’ll be starting “House: Prescribing Hope For You And Your Family” on February 1 – this is a great sermon series to invite unchurched friends.

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