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Sunday Reflections

We just finished the 2nd week of our “Dear Mr. President” sermon series and it was exciting. Last week week we dealt with the issue of “Dear Mr. President – Relax, Jesus is our hope, not you.” This week we took the next step by adding, “We are praying that you are successful and we vow to be good citizens.” We looked at Titus 3:1-2 and Romans 13:1-7 to see what the Bible calls us to be like as it pertains to citizenship. Things like: 1) Having the right attitude toward leadership, 2) Acting right as it pertains to leadership, 3) Be proactive from a positive stand-point, 4) Building up not tearing down, 5) Being at peace with all men. Why do we do this? What if the government is “anti” Jesus or calls us to do ungodly things? We dealt with all of these issues, but this if the final word in being a godly citizen (or a godly anything for that matter): We are godly because it conveys the hope of Jesus Christ to those who may not know him. We have to remember that we represent the message of Christ – and while we don’t conform or compromise, we do seek to express and convey that hope through our citizenship.

Yesterday was great – we had a lot of new faces in our worship service – many of our “old folks” were sick and had family emergencies – so pray for them. But what was most exciting is that two people gave their life to Christ yesterday. God is up to something in our midst.

We kicked off small groups last night as well – and if you weren’t able to come – we have one more week of previews. We’ll be meeting again this Sunday night at 6 p.m. to preview the new small groups. We’ve got some great stuff happening in these groups and I really want to encourage you to jump into one.

Finally, God continues to bless our church. He continues to move and shape us into His people. In February we’re starting a sermon series called “House: Prescribing Hope For You and Your Family.” This is going to be a great sermon series for people you may know who aren’t in church – so I want to challenge you to do two things:

1) Bring one unchurched friend to this series. During the month of February more people are depressed, more people get a divorce, more people are feeling the crunch of finances from Christmas and more people seek out hope than any other month of the year. Make it a point to convey hope to them during this time.

2) Be there for every worship service. Yes I know – “tis the season for sickness” – my own family missed church yesterday because of sickness, but if you can make it – be there – we need all of us to be there in order to be and grow the church God has for us.

Have a great Monday – I love you all.

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