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Sunday Reflections

Mon ,22/06/2009

Happy belated Father’s Day to all of our Dads – I hope it was good day for you. Yesterday was another great Sunday at River Hills Church. If you missed yesterday – here are a few thoughts:

1) Almost done with our “Just Joy” sermon series. Big Idea from yesterday: God calls us to “go deeper” and that requires “striving” on our part.

2) We are to strive for maturity – which means that we are to seek to “grow-up” spiritually speaking.

3) We are to strive for discernment – which means we are to make “right choices.”

4) I love our worship team – they get better every week. Looking forward to the months to come.

5) Next week is our last week of “Just Joy” – you don’t want to miss this because we’re tying up all the lose ends from the book of Philippians.

6) Pray for me this week – I have the opportunity to speak to students in Southwest Louisiana. I hate being away from my family, but I love the opportunity to share the timeless truth with others. Pray that God would bless my words and ignite a passion in the lives of these students.

7) Our student minister, Chance, leaves for a four week mission trip to Crossroads Camp in North Carolina – he also made the next level for American Idol – so pray for him. Also pray for our intern, Will Clark, he is in Costa Rico right now on a mission trip. I’m so thank for these two young men and their passion to bring truth and people together.

I love our church and the momentum that we are carrying through the summer is incredible. Can’t wait to see everyone Sunday morning – and looking forward to sharing with you the last episode of “Just Joy.” Have a great week.

College Football Is Back!!!!

Sat ,30/08/2008

Yes – you know that I’m a huge UGA fan and now is the time for UGA fans to unite for the red and black. I’ve been waiting all year to watch my dawgs stomp on every end zone with their talented running backs and receivers. I can’t wait to hear the jaw shattering hits laid on countless opponents by our defense. But most of all – I can’t wait to see the Dawgs raise the banner of SEC and National Champs this year. That’s right – I’m predicting the dawgs to win it all – its about time. Go Dawgs!!!!

Summer Is Almost Over…

Tue ,29/07/2008

This past Sunday was great. Many of you were back in town after a summers worth of vacation and it seems that most of us are gearing up for the school year. I know most of you love summer – but personally I prefer autumn. Here’s why:

1) College Football Begins – For those of us who cheer for the bulldawgs it is a sacred time.

2) It’s Cooler – need I say more.

3) I Don’t Have To Mow My Lawn – I truly hate cutting grass.

4) Autumn Gets People Back Into Their Routine – Which Is A Great Time To Invite People To Church.

On September 9 we will be a year old, and to celebrate all that God has done and to¬†emphasize our desire to connect with the community we are having a huge end of the summer worship service on August 17. The band will be back to lead worship, kids connection will be back on track (pre-school and older kids), small groups are gearing up and our student ministry is taking a giant leap forward. We’re going to seize this day as an opportunity to invite as many people as possible to our worship service. Here is the plan: 1) a mission team from TN will be here to help publicize the event. It is very difficult for most of you to do this type of mission work during the work week – so they are going to help us out. We would love to have you join us – just let us know which day you are available. 2) we’re mailing out 20,000 – 40,000 postcards inviting people to our worship service. August 17 kicks off our “Mythbusters” sermon series and we want people to hear about it. 3) We’re asking that everyone pray for this worship service – I really believe that this will act as a catalyst into 2009, 4) Finally, we’re asking that each of you (us) invite neighbors, friends or family to come and experience River Hills Church.

I am so thankful to be your pastor and I’m excited about what God is doing and going to do in the future. Have a great week.